3D Printing

The 3D Printing Technology allows you to convert computer-designed models into physical products. There are different printing technologies, with different finishes and materials, depending on the needs of the piece which is manufactured. You will find the best combination of these to be carried out.


FFF – basic
LS – industrial
SLA – high industrial

Featured Materials (plastics, plastics with metal and resins):

PLA – biodegradable and functional (basic economic)
ABS – tough, durable and functional
PLA – biocompatible, light and accurate (industrial economic)
Alumide – tough, light and accurate
Resinas – accurate and varied properties

The main practical applications of this technology are:

· Rapid Prototyping
· Creating individuals parts (unitary or custom design)
· Manufacture of short-medium series
· Spare parts (pieces discontinued by the manufacturer)

For a comission or collaboration please get in touch. After studying the idea or project you will receive a (free) quote. We can also arrange an appointment to discuss it, feel free to say hello!

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