Alberto Cazalla
Total Designer
p: +61 424 625 961
Sydney, NSW /AUS

Hi buddies! I’m Alberto, working as a freelance total designer based in Sydney.
I’m providing creative design solutions to individuals and local businesses in the city.
I worked as a graphic designer and industrial designer in Spain
and Portugal before I moved here.
Currently, I am orienting my work on creative solutions for the society.

For a comission or collaboration please get in touch. After studying the idea or project, you will receive a (free) quote. We can also arrange an appointment to discuss it, feel free to say hello!

How your project will develop:
· Surrounded by a great creative spirit
· Defining a clear and real objective
· Focusing on customer experience and your final satisfaction
· Being original in each step of the process
· Monitoring the final product

downloadable portfolio

I design your projects with this music:

Few details about me:

I was trained as an Industrial Designer in the Polytechnic School of the University of Málaga, Spain, afterwards I did the Product Master in the Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal. Furthermore, my knowledge was extended by working with Rhinoceros as a 3d modeller, specialised in graphic and web design.

Throughout my career I have worked as a designer in different fields: in the creative studio Claan based in Porto, where we offered solutions for: visual identity, wayfinding, web development, app design, communcation and furniture design.

Afterwards I worked in Madrid as industrial designer and project manager in the 3D printing specialist company TRD, developing new products, from the initial concept or even from the idea, until making the prototype or manufacturing the product.

Extra training:

Parametric Design & Generative Modelling – Estación Diseño
Design: Creation of Artifacts in the Society – University of Pennsylvania
Rhinoceros and CNC Fab Lab – Controlmad Ahutorized Rhino Center
Fashion Design: from textile design to comunication plan – Loreak Mendian
Selective Heat Sintering 3d Printing Training – Blueprinter
Stereolithography 3D Technology Training – Envisiontec