Industrial Design

In the industrial area, creative production solutions are offered around the presentation or manufacture of products, in virtual or physical mode, such as: consumer goods, furniture, spaces, replica of parts and custom part production.

For the development of new products, starting from the original customer idea or the gap to be solved, making the complete cycle of design (study-development-test-presentation-prodution) or only the phase required by the customer.


· Development of new product from the idea
· 3D Modelling
· 3D Redering
· Prototyping
· Spare parts
· Custom parts
· Manufacture of short and medium series
· Furniture
· Space

During the design of new products, we are not only focussing on meeting the needs of the end user. We are also thinking about the rational use of materials and resources and manufacturing, the sociocultural relations of the project with their social environment and the positioning of the product in the market, offering the Visual Identity joint service when the customer desires it.

For a comission or collaboration please get in touch. After studying the idea or project you will receive a (free) quote. We can also arrange an appointment to discuss it, feel free to say hello!

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