Web Design

The website is developed according to the user’s needs. Not only thinking about the end result of the website, also about the maintenance and updates for the user.

That’s why the development is done by selecting the CMS (manager of functionalities and information of the web) which is more adapting to the user, so that he can use it by himself. Also, maintenance and updating service are provided if the customer wishes this.

Kind of websites:

· Portfolios
· Blog or personal websites
· Company websites
· eCommerce
· Magazine or Newspaper websites
· Personal Brand
· Question and Answer websites
· NonProfits websites
· Coupon websites
· Postcasting websites
· Video websites
· Photography websites
· School or College websites
· Private blogs
· Family blogs

For a comission or collaboration please get in touch. After studying the idea or project you will receive a (free) quote. We can also arrange an appointment to discuss it, feel free to say hello!

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